.go back to your home on Whore Island. (sassdestruction) wrote,
.go back to your home on Whore Island.

what a horror

so the horrors were awesome. but that crowd....UGH!

i swear, i am so happy to be over that whole "i wonder what everyone will think if i...?" phase because i have so much more fun now.

my crew laid out a beating on the dance floor and it was clear that the horrors respected that shit, i know because the lead singer kicked me in the face! i mean, in their language that must be equivalent to a hug. also christopher told me he could make out some of the british mumblings coming from the microphone in between songs and the singer said something about people dancing and thank you.

also, the singer smashed a huge elvis head statue thing and he handed me a piece of it! awesome...as we were leaving great scott i asked the bouncers if they would ever be allowed to play there again, the guy said "uhhhh probably not!" and then the singer ran out the door in front of us as hordes of us were like "awesome dude! you're our hero!"

then his roadies came out and grabbed him to escort him to their van because, as they put it, "someone wants to kick your ass dude". they locked him in the van nice and safe though, i think he was pretty fucked up so he probably had no clue what was going on.

totally the shit.
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